System Requirements

Flexi Installation

Flexi Server - Security

Let's Encrypt with Flexi

Certificate setup

Flexi and GDPR


Flexi and Skype for Business

Flexi Directory Service

AD connector

Admital Web

Presentity Operator

Flexi Presentity Operator and Avaya IP Office configuration guide

Flexi Exchange Connector

Configuration guide

Windows Authentication

How to activate Windows authentication login on Presentity web

SKL Inrapportering

Konfiguration av SKL Inrapportering i Flexi Tid

Sweden only

Statistik i Flexi

Snabbguide för statistikfunktionen i Flexi

Flexi Kalenderkoppling


Konfiguration av nattsvar i Flexi

Exchange 2010 och Flexi

Konfiguration av Exchange 2010 mot Flexi