What is WonderPhone?

This is WonderPhone, your new smart softphone with integrated voicemail, presence and contacts. WonderPhone simplifies communication with your customers and gives you a complete overview of your telephony.


Some key features of WonderPhone

wonderphone_client_buddysSoftphone with HD sound quality

WonderPhone supports HD audio and you can experience this in a call between two WonderPhone users.


Group handling

See the user groups you are a member of, which members are logged in or logged out and the presence status of the members.


Presence status for your co-workers

WonderPhone is fully integrated with Flexi Presentity. You can see your co-workers’ presence status and busy status.



Messages left in your Flexi Presentity voicemail can be collected from the WonderPhone client. From the client you can also save your messages as wav-files, forward them to a colleague or call the person who left the message.




Call history

You can see all of your call history in WonderPhone, including those who called while you were diverted. You can easily call these persons through the client.


Outlook integration

WonderPhone syncs your Outlook contacts, enabling you to call or email them directly from the client. You will also see the contacts name and, if available, picture when they call you.


How does WonderPhone work?

WonderPhone is a separate platform but shares information with Flexi, i.e. currently making it necessary to also have a Flexi system in order for WonderPhone to function. Both platforms can be installed on the same server.

For further documentation see installation manual below.


WonderPhoneWe at Datatal hope you will benefit greatly from WonderPhone!


Link to user manual

Link to installation manual