About Datatal


This is Datatal…

On a daily basis, Datatal helps thousands of users to communicate in a simple and effective way. For over 25 years the employees of Datatal have successfully developed our own systems and solutions for our customers.

What makes us unique, apart from our extensive experience, is our in-house developed platform Flexi which enables us to create a system exactly to your needs. Furthermore we have our own studio recorded voice enabling us to quickly record new audio files and complement existing audio files in your system. This makes us market exclusive in the ability to create user specific name audio files without the use of synthetic audio.

We have taken all our knowledge and expertise and created a softphone adapted to the communicational needs of today with the functions you would expect for handling of diversions, voicemail and user groups.

We have the most experienced and competent developers in our business which results in high quality and innovations on a higher level. Datatal also has a team of experts in sales, marketing, project management, installation and education of technicians and end users.

In cooperation with resellers certified for our products you as our customer can receive a high knowledge- and service level with a local connection.

To increase your safety as a customer we have our own technicians supporting our resellers in troubleshooting and technical issues. Do not hesitate to reach out to our support technicians if you have any requests as to how we could further develop our existing products, we much appreciate your input.

Datatal has over 800 customers in Sweden, Norway and Finland with whom we have stable long term relations. Datatal is totally independent of subcontractors.



Datatal in short

Family business founded in 1991

The company was founded by Göran and Anne-Mari Geitz in 1991. The company started with development of fax applications and then turned to the development of applications for IVR.

In-house developed products

All components marketed by Datatal are developed in-house. This means that we have full control and are able to quickly make changes and improvements according to requests and demands. Independence is something that we at Datatal work hard for.


Office in Visby on Gotland

Datatal has since the early 90’s had its headquarters located on Gotland.

Over 800 customers

Through the years many companies and organisations have turned to us for help. This have given us many loyal customers who appreciate us as their supplier and have ensured our good reputation for support and product stability. This is something we value greatly.

Over 60 certified resellers

We have over 60 certified resellers in the Scandinavian countries installing and supporting our products.