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This is Flexi Tid

Flexi Tid is a solution enabling your customer to book a time slot for callback instead of having to spend time in a queue. You can then easily call your customer via the web interface Flexi Tid Web. In the administration Admital Web you set up a schedule for when you have available slots according to your working hours.

Flexi Tid is a popular and frequently used system in municipalities, county councils, health centers, dental offices, garages and similar businesses that have many incoming phone calls in a short time.


Why you should get Flexi Tid?

Increased availability

Allowing for your customers to call 24/7 and never be met by a busy extension, they are able to book a callback time slot of their choosing during your opening hours.


Increased service

Increased customer service as your customer choose a callback time slot suited to their schedule and not having to wait in line.


Time efficient

Your customers and your co-workers all get in touch on a pre-planned schedule.


Reduced stress

Reduced stress for your co-workers and relief for your PBX. Flexi Tid evens out peaks in the number of calls and distributes all calls evenly throughout the day.


Better working environment

By not having constantly ringing phones and allowing the agent to initiate the outgoing call to the customer.


511_statistikBetter control with statistics

Built in statistics can be distributed via email or studied in Admital Web. There is also an option for specially developed key figures conveniently accessible for reporting to SKL. As an added feature you can also get automatic reports sent to SKL.


Increased opportunity to make a sale

A missed call can cost a lot, do not miss any with the help of Flexi Tid.



Click “Call” and Flexi Tid will automatically make a call

The customer chooses to enter a callback number or gets the option to get a callback to the number from which they are calling. This ensures all calls being made to the correct recipient.


Call list making sure that you call your customers in the correct order

All calls are booked and placed in chronological order making the next call in line appear at the top of the list. All calls remain in the list until they are checked off and this makes sure that no call is forgotten. All the agents have to do is to process all calls from the top of the list.





Logging of all calls, successful and failed

By checking the call history in Flexi Tid you see all calls and also have the opportunity to reconnect calls that still have time to make a new attempt within the scheduled slot, which previously have failed by for instance not getting an answer on previous callbacks.



An extensive statistics function is available where administrators, agents, heads of departments and so on can access the information that is just right for their purpose at the time. Flexi Tid is a well-established product on the Swedish market and the statistics function is one of the things that our existing customers have helped us to advance. It is constantly improving.

Supports social security numbers

The customer can upon calling be asked by the system to enter their social security number, helping agents to retrieve vital information before calling the customer. These are validated to assure that they are an accurate Swedish social security number.


Built-in help

Flexi Tid web has a built-in help function assuring that the agent has all the necessary information to do their job properly.


Built in voicemail

Not all customers have the need for a callback, for instance if a customer only wishes to relay information to you for your knowledge, they can leave a voicemail instead of booking a time slot. An icon showing you that a voicemail has been left is displayed in the Flexi Tid interface and the agent can easily check the message. This possibility is effective for, for instance, cancellations of doctor appointments etc.


Web interface for administration

All interfaces in Flexi Tid are web based. You have an administration web and Flexi Tid web.


flexitid_manningManning schedule

With the help of a manning schedule you can adjust the number of time slots you should offer per day based on the number of agents available. For example, between 08:00 am and 09:00 am 3 agents is working making you able to place 3 calls at 08:00 am and another 3 calls 08:05 am and so on. The interval can be changed but has a default setting of 5 minutes.



If you have short queue times and do not want your customers to hang up they can instead be asked to wait in line and you can answer their call directly and thereby further improve your service towards your customer.


Case selection for calls

Flexi Tid offers an effective way to distribute and tag calls in a queue with the help of case selections. This enables you to offer a one type of case with a lower priority a time slot later in the day, for instance effective if you have test results that arrive later in the day, then you can schedule these types of cases at a later time.