Flexi Presentity

This is Flexi Presentity

Flexi Presentity offers IVR and presence integrated in one system for companies between 5 and 2 000 users. You get a complete presence system with voicemail, IVR and calendar integration – all of which can be operated via an app in your smartphone. There is also an Operator on offer handling incoming calls for which you wish to offer personal service.


Why you should get Flexi Presentity?

Increased availability – no matter if you attend a meeting, are out to lunch, have left for the day or are on vacation your customers will always get an answer. This creates a better service for your customers and co-workers.

Your reply becomes more professional with a unified voice and your operator gets time to spare for other duties. With the Flexi Presentity app in your smartphone, you can fully manage your telephony.

Standard functions

Direct calls to IVR

A pre-recorded voice message informs your customers that, for instance, you are out to lunch and gives them a choice to leave a message, speak to one of your colleagues or transfer to the operator. You can add options according to your preferences.


Integrated voicemail

When a voicemail is recorded you will get a notification in your smartphone and you can check your messages with the Flexi Presentity app. You can also have the message sent to your email as an attached file.


Queue on busy

When you are busy the caller can get the option to queue until you hang up your ongoing call. The call is directed to the IVR where the caller gets the option to press 0 for queuing.


Mobile application for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

In the mobile app you can add hotkeys for your most frequently used diversion codes, for instance “Lunch one hour” and so on. You can also see the presence status of your colleagues, see calls you have received while diverted and connect calls. There is also an option to place calls through your company’s PBX.


User web      

In the Presentity web you can change your presence status, check messages, look up colleagues and see their presence status.


Supports all Swedish names

When you receive a call from a customer while diverted the IVR message will not only contain your extension but also your full name. ALL names are pre-recorded with the same voice as all the other IVR messages. If your name should not be present in the Datatal name database an order will automatically be placed for recording.


5D5C5793Customer unique greeting

A correct greeting with your organisation or company name is an important part of a professional welcoming.


Studio recorded audio

All our audio is pre-recorded to best welcome your customers when you are unable to answer.



A simple teleconference function is integrated in Flexi Presentity, allowing you to communicate within the company and with external parties without the need of travel. To set up a teleconference is easy.


Additional functions

Calendar integration

If a meeting is entered in your Outlook calendar this can also generate a diversion in Flexi Presentity, automatically diverting your calls to voicemail and informing the caller when your will be available again.


Additional languages

In addition to Swedish and English your customers can also be greeted by a Finnish, Danish or Norwegian voice.


skype_windowSkype for Business

Flexi Presentity can integrate with Skype for Business 2015 altering your presence- and call status, displayed in the status field in Skype for Business.






The operator can be installed on a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computer. The operator is downloaded from Microsoft Store ensuring you automatic updates when Datatal releases fixes or new functions.