Call Center Agent

Flexi CC

This is Flexi CC

Flexi CC (Call Center) is a client based system for advanced handling of incoming calls to one or more queues. Your customers will receive a message that their call has been placed in a queue, their place in the queue or the calculated waiting time until their call will be answered. Flexi CC helps you with possibilities for an effective customer service. As an addition calls can be prioritized with the help of the customer’s phone number enabling you to shorten the wait for your most important customers.


Why you should get Flexi CC?

Increased availability due to no longer having busy phones

Your customers will always get a greeting informing them of their place in the queue.


Better service with automated identification of the customer

Flexi CC can be integrated with your business system or you can have your customers added to a contact list in Flexi. In the internal contact list your customers can be prioritized and for example be transferred to a separate queue, be validated through a pin code and so on.


Monitor and follow up on call handling with statistics

Statistics can easily be collected from Flexi CC. The Flexi CC Supervisor can see the current queue status in their client. You can also see this information on a web page or get statistics via email. The statistics can be exported to Excel and other formats.


Professional greeting with unified and studio recorded audio

All audio that is played for your customer is pre-recorded in a studio with the same voice.



Client based system (Windows)

The Flexi CC client is a Windows application supported by Windows 7 and later versions. You can also add shortcut keys to answer and hang up without having the application in focus.


Free seating

When you log in to the Flexi CC client you choose which extension to use.


Queueing with queue place and call back

The caller will be greeted with a message containing their place in the queue and will, if callback is activated, be offered the possibility to press 0 to leave the queue and receive a callback. The caller keeps their place in the queue and when it is their turn a call will be set up.


Skill based call distribution/Back-office with dynamic skill

An agent can be logged in to more than one queue and have different skill level in these queues. There can for example be a sales and a support queue where a support technician can take sales calls if all other agents are busy. This can also be time based or based on how many calls there is in the queue.


Overflow to another queue

If no agent is logged in to a specific queue or alternatively if there is a very long queue calls can overflow to another queue. For example if a calculated time to answer is 45 minutes all new calls to this queue could be transferred to another queue or the system can play a message. There is also an option to send the call to voicemail.



Warning for last agent logged in

When a Flexi CC agent who is the last agent in the queue logs out they will see a message warning them of this.


Remembers the customer’s latest call

When a call is answered by an agent and the customer later calls again, the system checks if the previous agent is available to accept the call.



All information regarding the queue status and the agents queues is automatically stored by Flexi CC for easy access. Answer time, lost and answered calls are some of the key points in the statistics that can be surveyed based on agents, queues, week, day or hour. All this information can also be sent as an email at a pre-set time, you can for instance receive a report of last week’s statistics each Monday morning. All information is presented in the email and can also be attached as an excel file.



Flexi CC Supervisor is a standard CC agent with extended privileges enabling them to see more real time information. A Supervisor can also logout, put on break, remove break and send messages to other agents.


flexi_cc_callhistoryCall history

As a Flexi CC agent you can see your own and your co-workers handled calls in a joint history. You can also see more in-depth history like call length and with whom they talked to. You can also, for instance, search for a customer’s phone number to see which agent they talked to earlier.


Wallboard (Windows version)

Flexi CC Wallboard for Windows is a Windows client made to display selected key indicators. It can display a summary of all queues or a specific queue.


Flexi Wallboard for Apple TVWallboard (Apple TV version)

Flexi CC for Apple TV is a version of Wallboard that can be downloaded from Apple Store for Apple TV. It displays the same information as the Windows client but has a slightly different look and also has the ability to display all queues at once. For this app you do not need a computer, it only requires an Apple TV version 4.


Language selection

As in all other products in the Flexi platform you can easily change the language of the greetings in the queue. For instance you can have a queue with Danish speaking customers, and another with Norwegian or English. The customer can also choose language themselves.


CRM integration with VIP and screen pop-up

As an addition Datatal can develop an integration with your CRM system to get customer information and also prioritize customers in Flexi CC. There is also a possibility of having a screen pop-up developed so that the agent can enter information.


Embedded chat

There is an embedded function for chatting between single agents. You can also start a group chat with all agents in a queue.