Datatal Gateway

Datatal Gateway


Datatal Gateway is a SIP gateway developed in house that replaces a traditional PBX. Our gateway is primarily developed with hosting/Cloud in mind. We want it to be easy for our resellers to operate, sell and grow with our products in the Flexi platform: Presentity, Tid and CC.

With our gateway, our products get even more functionality because we now get greater opportunities to develop the functions we want and that the market demands. Some examples of this type of features are:

  • Call profiles, where the user can choose which number to display during outgoing calls.
  • Extended group functionality, which means, for example, that an authorized user via the mobile application can easily change which state the group should be in (open/closed etc.). You can also choose from a number of smart call patterns depending on what suits each group.
  • Number management, a simple way to whitelist numbers allowing them to always call through, even if the user is diverted. You can also link call profiles to specific numbers, to ensure that you always display a certain number when calling these.
  • New end user web, here a user can manage their own settings, as well as other users if they are authorized to do so. There are also settings available to change groups’ opening hours or to close a group temporarily. More features will come to this web in the near future.
  • Ability to add group numbers that are displayed if an incoming call has passed through a group.

Datatal Gateway is fully integrated with the rest of the Flexi platform, which contributes to a significant simplification during installation and administration.

Please read the product description for Datatal Gateway here, or contact sales manager Petra Målberg Svensson for more information on 0498-253020 or