Release 2019.1

12 Mar

In early January, we launched our proprietary communications platform Datatal Gateway. It supports our existing applications, Flexi Presentity for diversion and voice mail, Flexi Tid for scheduled callback, and Flexi CC for queue and callback.

Datatal Gateway + Microsoft Teams

During the development of Datatal Gateway, we have listened carefully to our resellers, and included many features that were lacking in traditional PBXs. As a step in this development, we are pleased to announce that Datatal Gateway now also supports telephony via Microsoft Teams.

You can now use Microsoft Team’s desktop application or mobile app to make, receive and connect calls. Use the Flexi Presentity app to set diversions, listen to voice mails and control group functions. There you can also set which call profile that should be active, i.e. which number you want to show when making a call.

You can also get statistics from Flexi CC and Flexi Tid into a Teams channel. When a meeting is created in Teams, the user is automatically diverted in Flexi Presentity.

Wonderphone + Microsoft Skype 365

This release not only includes news for Datatal Gateway, but also updates for WonderPhone. Now one can see a colleague’s presence status from Skype directly in the WonderPhone interface. This will also be available in the Operator shortly.

The status icons to the right of the colleagues show the colleague’s Skype Office 365 status. Hold the mouse over the icon for more information.

New Operator

We will soon release a new Operator with a slightly revised interface. This makes it even easier to get a good overview of the company’s telephony. Several features found in WonderPhone will also be included in the operator interface. New Features:

  • Updated interface
  • See colleagues’ Skype Office 365 status
  • Change how users should appear in the results view, list, trays or small cards
  • Expanded ability to make mail templates
  • Notification for incoming calls
  • Adapted to being a Windows 10 UWP app
  • List your favorites for easy overview, eg. those whom you usually transfer calls to. These are the same favorites that you add to the Presentity app and WonderPhone
  • Change the current status of the groups
The new Operator interface

More Datatal Gateway news

Datatal Gateway has previously released smart features such as:

  • “Add the group number to the caller’s telephone number” – this means that on a mobile phone you can now see which group the customer has called through.
  • Change how the calls should be distributed via different “group modes”
  • White/Blacklist at company level, add numbers that can call through diversions, or blacklist numbers that should not be allowed to call in or who should not be called from the company.

Additional news

  • Flexi CC (Call Center): Agents have received a new status that appears if an agent is logged out of all queues
  • URL pop-up in Flexi CC, a validated call can make a pop-up through a web-based CRM system
  • Admital now shows warnings/errors/information to a greater extent. For example, touch-tone menus that lead to something that is deleted or if users lack licenses
  • Datatal SNMP support, download Datatal SNMP MIB files from the Admital web. Set monitoring on different measurement values in the platform
  • Set the log level on the services, and how they should log. Can send logs to syslog or file.
  • Configuration for Skype Office 365
  • Several bug fixes